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Affordable seo services for small business

Affordable seo services

Are you looking for affordable seo services for small business? well your in the correct place, we teach your small business how to generate website traffic & increase your organic listings in search engines.

Our seo professionals can provide you a simple and affordable seo service package that will help you increase business organically.

seo services for small business

Seo is a multi tier skill set and is not as simple as adding a few backlinks or keywords to a page, it takes many different things to build the bigger picture to great seo tactics. So we’re not going to tell you its easy and you’ll get to page one over night, but we will help you to understand how to do seo to a higher standard than you would achieve without professional seo advice.

Having a website maintenance plan for your small business is a must if your going to succeed online

A website is no different than you bricks and mortar business! what i mean by this is think about how much rent you pay each week, how much stock you buy, the cost of your weekly advertising, not to mention the business licensing and so on, you are invested in your business & so should you be invested in your website.

We have over ten years in this industry so take it from us your website needs full time maintenance so you can run your business & do what you do best. you’ll be told by many others that a quick few page website will be all you need: design agencies are great at this churn and burn approach, most of the time you’ll get a “pretty” looking site but its most likely never going to be found online by searchers looking for your products or services.

Seo agencies tend to have a much wider scope on the care of your digital business and how to increase your website traffic using search engine optimisation tips and tricks, Online advertising like Adwords Pay Per Click or YouTube Advertising and as you can imagine its a time consuming job but if done to a high standard your online business will bring in more profits and isn’t limited by a location like bricks and mortar stores.

Top 5 seo tips you should be doing for your small business

Think how people would search for your products or services and inc the search terms in your site. Doing these top 5 seo tips can help your site gain real website traffic and will make handing your website over to a professional seo expert a lot easier for them to takeover with the more in depth seo tactics.

The top 5 on page seo optimization techniques are

1.    Inc words searchers use in your headers

2     Use search terms within your content

3     Write compelling meta descriptions

4     Inc search terms in your Alt tags

5     A Fast loading website

affordable seo services for small business

Read more on our affordable seo services or Adwords Pay Per Click we are located on the sunshine coast but help clients in any location.

How much does seo cost?

Hourly SEO consulting rates: $100-300/h

Monthly SEO retainer: $1000-5,000 per month

Fixed price SEO services from $500 to 10,000

Project based pricing from $1000 to over $30,000

To read more about the best seo prices visit Jayson DeMers seo prices blog post or talk with one of our seo experts about our affordable seo prices, we work within your budget and help you increase website traffic. 

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Pixi Media Group

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With over ten years in the seo industry, i enjoy helping business increase organic web traffic with white hat seo services and Adwords pay per click marketing. Do you need a new web design? Give us a call today.
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