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STOP Dont Buy Website Traffic it can Harm Your Site

We’ve all seen it! someone on twitter or another site contacts you and tells you they can get you 20,000 backlinks for $5, it sounds great however its going to destroy your website and make it harder for you to improve your search rank. If your after more website traffic buying it is 99.9% of the time going to do you way more harm than good. Google wants to see high quality backlinks the sort that your not going to get when you Buy Website Traffic. what you’ll end up getting is loads of poor page authority backlinks from low grade directories. i would sooner have 1 high PR (Page Rank) backlink than 20,000.

Quick submit tools are dangerous for your websites seo

This isn’t to say lower quality directories cant help, because directories that are local within your business area are in most cases great and something google wants to see more of, however these quick submit tools are dangerous for your websites seo. read more about our seo services if your after quality white hat seo.

Let us know your experiences with these tools below……..

Dont Buy Website Traffic

STOP Dont Buy Website Traffic use white hat seo services

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